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About me

I'm Darcy Falk, owner of Tallulah ArtHead, textile artist, maker of oilcloth and cork fashion accessories, screen printer of kitchen towels, user of scraps, essayist, and collector of sewing machines and vintage mangles. 


I send an email newsletter about every six weeks with musings, special sales, and other fun stuff. (Sign up with the pop-up window, or scroll to the bottom of any page on my website for a signup form.)

Embroidery Floss resource

I buy embroidery floss from this fantastic company:

Local non-profit sewing workshop

Threaded Together is a non-profit sewing workshop and teaching center. They are making a huge difference in women's lives in Flagstaff.  

Planned Parenthood

I donate 10% of my proceeds to reproductive justice initiatives in the state of Arizona, including Desert Star Institute for Family Planning and Planned Parenthood Arizona.

Women's healthcare and abortion resources

Ceramic artist Carole Epp turned me onto this document that details a lot of the resources about women's healthcare and abortion access.


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